High Tech Diagnostic for Sleep Disorders


Great Lakes Orthodontics has several new high tech products to help diagnose sleep disorders. My friend and leading sleep disorder expert Dr. Kent Smith from Dallas has this on his patient web site.

The Watch PAT (Peripheral Arterial Tone) is the latest signal in sleep medicine. It offers a new screening, diagnostic and treatment evaluation as well as patient follow-up possibilities in the management of sleep-related breathing disorders.

The watch-PAT 200 is a self-contained device, worn on the wrist and used with a non-invasive finger mounted pneu-optical probe to measure the PAT signal. The recorded signals can then be downloaded to a computer for automatic analysis

via Dr. Kent Smith .

Kent tells me that the use of these devices is growing rapidly.

“I personally use 4 different sleep monitors in my practice, although there are more on the market. The Watch-PAT 200, the ARES, the ApneaLink and the Remmers are the units I currently use. The ApneaLink is an inexpensive “screener” that some dentists might wish to try if they are wanting to get their feet wet in sleep dentistry. The other three are fairly robust, with various bells and whistles that make each desirable in their own way.”

If you are interested in taking a course from Dr. Smith and learning more about treating sleep disorders look here:

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