Interesting Technology at the New York Meeting: CarieScan

by Larry Emmott on December 2, 2010

in Diagnostics

Another high tech caries detection device. This one uses a different method to determine the presence of caries, it measures changes in electrical impedance which can be related to changes in density and mineralization. Some other devices measure the presence of bacteria. The web page linked below has the details.

The CarieScan PRO is a device for the detection and monitoring of caries by the application and analysis of ac impedance spectroscopy (ACIST).

The PRO uses a single-use disposable sensor. The sensor is held against the tooth being examined and the detection process takes about four seconds to complete. The result is displayed on the LCD screen and the color LED display. The electrical current used is extremely low and cannot be felt by the patient. The system is battery operated.

PS: It is available exclusively from Patterson. I like the technology but it does use a disposable tip that increases the per use cost significantly.

via CarieScan – CarieScan PRO.

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