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OralpathDx is a new online diagnostic service that was introduced at the CDA. The system was developed by Dr. John Moffat a California general dentist in consultation with numerous pathology specialists.

The system is an online service that takes dentists through a series of questions (called a decision tree by tech types) to determine possible differential diagnosis. A decision tree works by changing the questions based on earlier responses to narrow in on the possible diagnosis. This is a perfect use of computerized “expert” systems.

Users can also upload images of the lesion including both photos and radiographs. The online service then becomes an electronic record.

By the way they also offer a CD for local computer use just for dentists stuck in the last century.

 It looks like a well thought out system. I can see a number of areas that could be improved but it is a great first step. In my opinion it is a nice companion piece to the Velscope. The Velscope light is not a pathognomonic diagnostic device it  just indicates unusual tissue conditions. It is up to the dentist to then evaluate the tissue to come up with a true differential diagnosis.

With these systems working together the dentist finds a suspect area with Velscope then logs on too OralpathDX and runs through the decision tree to get possible differential diagnosis.

OralpathDx™ asks a series of questions that you answer based on what you observe and information from patient history and interview. (For example, the type of lesion, location, quantity of lesions, onset, age group, gender, and pain level.)

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