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uoft logo crestI have been trying the Canary System and the science behind it is impressive. Seems I am not the only one who was impressed. The University of Toronto honored the inventor Dr. Stephen Abrams with an Inventor of the Year award. This from the press release:

The Canary System is the brainchild of dentist Dr. Stephen Abrams and one of his patients, Dr. Andreas Mandelis.  Twelve years ago, while Mandelis was in the dental chair, Abrams complained about the difficulty of diagnosing tooth decay on the biting surfaces of back teeth.  Mandelis said he had a novel technology to image crystal structure, and they then started on their journey to create The Canary System.  The technology behind The Canary System was developed in Dr. Mandelis’ lab at the University of Toronto, with the help of his co-inventors and guidance and technical input from co-founder and dentist Dr. Stephen Abrams.

This unique system allows clinicians to detect and monitor caries on all tooth surfaces including interproximal regions, around the intact margins of restorations, beneath opaque dental sealants and around orthodontic brackets.  Under the leadership of Dr. Abrams and Dr. Mandelis the research team has been constantly innovating and pushing the frontiers of dentistry by substantiating the clinical applications of The Canary System in early detection and treatment of tooth decay.

More on the Canary System:

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Congratulations we are very proud to salute your great achievement.
Manny Phyllis Jonathan and the Weinstein Family.

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