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Oculus Rift Is Helping the Norwegian Army Drive Its Tanks


From Mashable:

The Norwegian Army is using the Oculus Rift along with four cameras with spherical lenses to give drivers a 185-degree view around their tanks, according to a video from Norwegian technology site Teknisk Ukeblad. The cameras are routed to a PC that then transfers the images to the tank driver’s Oculus Rift…

The system could offer other advantages, too, such as overlay displays of maps, or the tank’s speed, similar to what gamers might expect from something like Battlefield.

via Oculus Rift Is Helping the Norwegian Army Drive Its Tanks.

This is a step from virtual reality to augmented reality. The goggles help you to see things you could not see with your eyes, like what is happening behind you and where you are on a map, but these are real things not made up virtual things. The reality is augmented.

This could be used by dentists and surgeons to view a real patient with an overview of their skeleton showing beneath the skin or with their vital signs running in the corner of your vision. How about a virtual “wax up” showing the ideal tooth that the dentist could see superimposed over the real tooth as he/she prepped it. The goggles cold even measure and flash how much reduction has been achieved. (even with that I bet most dentist will under prep…it is just the way we are.)

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