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Redefining Medicine With Apps and iPads


The history of medicine is defined by advances born of bioscience. But never before has it been driven to this degree by digital technology.

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This article hits two points I have been speaking and writing about for some time. First new digital technology will make diagnosis much more accurate and will be migrating away from ultra expensive purpose built single use medical machines to relatively inexpensive portable devices that plug into a smart phone. Think “Bones” McKoy from Star Trek with a tricorder plugged into an iPhone.

Second the “old guard” will resist the changes declaring them dangerours, dehumanizing, not good enough and any doctor that uses them could not possibly be as good as they are. This is classic change resistance reasons #8 and 9.

8. People feel the proposed change threatens their notions of themselves

9. People anticipate a loss of status or quality of life

A physician may have literally dedicated his entire life to learning just how and where to tap above the heart and what exact subtle things to listen for to make a diagnosis. It is a skill honed with years of experience and he is justifiably proud of it. 

Then along comes some snot nosed young techie doc with a pad he plops on the chest plugs in a smart phone and shazam he has a diagnosis and a sonic image.

The old doc either has to acknowledge the skills he spent his entire life learning and mastering are now worthless or he has to declare the new technology and those that use it as flawed.

Human beings being as we are you know the path most taken.

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