ShadeWave Shade Matching HIPAA Compliant Cloud Based

One of the primary reasons for remakes is poor shade matching. There are many reasons for this including lighting and technique. Face it, the truth is we have been picking tooth shades with what amounts to a paint chip, in the dark. And of course few teeth are pure A-2 or B-3 they vary from top to bottom, they vary greatly in translucence and value and they often have unique characteristics.

ShadeWave is a software that uses color science to analyze digital photos and create a complete shade selection for the lab including a color map and value identification.

All the dentist needs to do is take a photo and then let the software do the work. Better results, fewer remakes and happy patients.


ShadeWave utilizes the science of color to mathematically correct photos, in real-time, and create accurate dental shade maps for dentists and dental labs.

Source: ShadeWave Shade Matching HIPAA Compliant Cloud Based

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