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Soft Acoustic Sensors Could Monitor Hearts, Recognize Speech

From IEEE Spectrum:

In experiments, the device could continuously gather data on several different kinds of acoustic signals at the same time—among them, the opening and closing of heart valves, blood pulsing through the carotid artery in the neck, vibrations of the vocal cords, and even movements in the gastrointestinal tract.

Source: Soft Acoustic Sensors Could Monitor Hearts, Recognize Speech – IEEE Spectrum

Totally amazing. The device is tiny about the size of a small band-aid. It can be used as a diagnostic device, as a hearing aid or even as a voice command receiver.

We do not often use sound for diagnosis in dentistry. We do not wander through life with a stethoscope around our necks as our medical colleagues do. We could use sound for TMJ or occlusal diagnosis but we do not because the technology to do so is too cumbersome and too expensive. That will change. With it will come new criteria and new protocols. Just part of the coming diagnostic revolution.

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