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Star Trek’s Tricorder Becomes Reality


to use the device you simply hold it against your forehead and wait. Results are synched from Scout to your smartphone, where you can track your health over time. On a basic level, you can see that your temperature or heart rate is elevated from the norm at any given time. On a larger level, you can also see potential problems headed your way by noticing abnormalities before they become physical issues.

via Star Trek’s Tricorder Becomes Reality With Scanadu’s Scout.

This continues a theme I have mentioned often, digital scanning devices do in fact act like the fictional tricorder Dr. McCoy used on Star Trek. Four thoughts:

  • The ability to generate digital diagnostics, that is a digital measure of a physiological condition is improving daily, getting better with less invasive techniques.
  • We do not need a mega expensive machine to gather and interpret digital diagnostics. In many cases we can use our smart phone.
  • The fact that smart phones are connected to the cloud means the data we collect with them can be stored and analyzed instantly at a remote location. Again no mega machine on site.
  • People can use these devices themselves and do not necessarily need a highly trained professional to administer the test.

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