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Technological Healing

A review of the new book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care.

Nanosensors patrolling your bloodstream for the first sign of an imminent stroke or heart attack, releasing anticlotting or anti-inflammatory drugs to stop it in its tracks. Cell phones that display your vital signs and take ultrasound images of your heart or abdomen. Genetic scans of malignant cells that match your cancer to the most effective treatment.

In cardiologist Eric Topol’s vision, medicine is on the verge of an overhaul akin to the one that digital technology has brought to everything from how we communicate to how we locate a pizza parlor…There is only one problem: the paucity of evidence that these technologies benefit patients.

via Technological Healing – Technology Review.

The reviewer takes the position that sure all these new fangled digital technologies look good in theory but there is no proof they will be effective. This of course reflects the problem discussed here, on why innovation is so unpredictable.

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