The Canary System

by Larry Emmott on February 28, 2011

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The Canary is a new high tech caries detection device from Canada. It is not yet FDA approved and therefore is not yet for sale in the US. Approval is expected in the next three months. It uses laser energy to detect very early changes in dentin and enamel composition up to 5mm deep into the tooth surface.

It has a camera which takes a picture of the tooth being examined and then the picture can be used to zero in on specific areas for examination. It is supposed to be useful for interproximal decay and decay at the margins of existing restorations somethings that the other caries detection devices on the market can not do. However the expected retail price will also be higher tha the other devices such as Spectra, Soprolife or Diagnodent. 

What is The Canary System?The Canary System is a device for the early detection and monitoring of tooth decay. It can detect decay on smooth enamel surfaces, root surfaces, biting surfaces, between teeth and around existing amalgam or composite fillings. It is a pain-free, safe and non-invasive early detection system built on years of thorough research.

via Quantum Dental Technologies | The Canary System.

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