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The Most Transformative Invention Since the iPad

From Wired:

In the years since, I’ve wondered when or even if I would see such a “transforming invention” again. This spring, the Oculus Rift answered that question…I tried the Rift on. It was like the moment when I first held the iPad.

The version of the Rift I tested felt like a pair of heavy ski goggles, and it did seem a little dorky to be fixing and tightening the various headbands and supports. But an amazing transition happened as my eyes resolved a new field of vision. I blinked, and while my brain remembered (for a moment) that I was sitting in my office, my eyes told me I was somewhere completely different. And then, in an instant, my brain joined my eyes, and I was there.

via Letter From the Editor: The Most Transformative Invention Since the iPad | Magazine | WIRED.

I have been watching “wearable computers” for years. The concept is absolutely amazing.  Right now the tech press is full of stories, both good and bad, about Google Glass and now Oculus Rift. I am not sure if these items will be “the next big thing”; remember tablets went through many false starts until Apple got it right with the iPad. What I am sure of is that we will be using enhanced virtual reality in dentistry in the future.

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