The Objective Judge of Implant Stability.

This is a great example of using technology to improve diagnosis. How do you tell if an implant is stable? As dentists we are taught several diagnostic criteria such as wiggling the implant with your fingers, tapping it and listening for just the right “ping” or looking at a radiograph. All of these methods are better than nothing and yet they all require the doctor to have experience and judgment and they are all subjective. They are little more than educated guesses.

The educated guess approach to diagnosis is not limited to implants. How about caries detection with an explorer, or diagnosing tissue inflammation by how red it looks or maybe it is red enough to be cancer

High tech diagnostics use an instrument to measure a physiological feature, such as changes in the dentin, cellular changes in tissue or vibrations from an implant and then analyze those features. The result is much more reliable diagnosis based on objective data rather than subjective feelings.

Osstell meters make it possible not only to measure the initial implant stability, but also to monitor the development of osseointegration over time.

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