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Training Computers to Spot Tumors

From MIT:

Machines are doing more and more of the work typically completed by humans, and detecting diseases may be next: a new company called Enlitic takes aim at the examination room by employing computers to make diagnoses based on images.

via Training Computers to Spot Tumors | MIT Technology Review.

Another great example of high tech digital diagnosis.

So called “Knowledge Workers” such as dentists are not immune to automation. Just as robots can assemble a car faster, better and cheaper  than a human factory worker future AI diagnostic systems using big data will evaluate and diagnose pathologic conditions better than human doctors.

As with all disruptive technology the status quo will attempt to repress it and innovators will exploit it. (see Uber vs. Taxis). But the final result will be better, faster, less expensive medical care and a general improvement in the human condition.

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