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Watson correctly diagnoses woman after doctors were stumped

From  SiliconANGLE:

After treatment for a woman suffering from leukemia proved ineffective, a team of Japanese doctors turned to IBM’s Watson for help, which was able to successfully determine that she actually suffered from a different, rare form of leukemia than the doctors had originally believed.Watson managed to make its diagnosis after doctors from the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Science was fed it the patient’s genetic data, which was then compared to information from 20 million oncological studies.

Source: Watson correctly diagnoses woman after doctors were stumped | SiliconANGLE

This is just the beginning.

Big data analysis using AI expert systems will become the diagnostic protocol of the future. We will look back on the days when we relied on the memory and experience of individual physicians to make a diagnosis just as we now look back with horror on the days of leaches and bleeding to cure disease.

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