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What Happens When Automation Comes For Highly Paid Doctors?

From Wealthy Doctor:

Radiologists, who receive years of training and are some of the highest paid doctors, are among the first physicians who will have to adapt as artificial intelligence expands into health care…

…there can be as many as 1,000 images for one scan.

The work can be tedious, making it prone to error.

The added imagery also makes it harder for radiologists to use their time efficiently. Brink expects artificial intelligence to act as a diagnostic aid, flagging specific images that a human should spend more time examining.

Source: What Happens When Automation Comes For Highly Paid Doctors | Wealthy Doctor

Related AI replaces doctors.

Image analysis is an obvious use of automation. Not just for radiographs but for photos and microscopic slides as well. We could upload an image of a lesion or the microscopic image from a biopsy and the AI could analyse it and develop a quick differential diagnosis.

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