Why Florida Probe?

The following comes from the new Florida Probe web site:

Increased Productivity
The System acts as your computerized assistant for the periodontal exam – only one examiner required. This ultimately increases office productivity, because you won’t need other staff members to chart while you are probing.

Improved Accuracy
The System’s constant-force, computerized probe allows measurements to be consistent between examiners who likely probe with different amounts of force (which could mean different readings for the same patient). Our probe’s precision is 0.2 mm., which also improves the accuracy of measurements and assists the clinician in determining the correct diagnosis and follow-up for the patient.

Automatic Charting
Instead of having to try and read the thin bands on a regular periodontal probe and estimate pocket depth, just bring the blue sleeve of the FP Handpiece down to the gingival margin, tap the Footswitch, and your numerical data is recorded. There is also no need to say the number – the System does this for both the patient’s benefit as well as your own (sound can also be turned off or customized).

These are the features that I have always liked about this product. It is automatic, it is accurate and it saves money.

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