Digital Impressions

Carestream CS 3600 “Hybrid Scan”

Digital impressions just keep getting better and better. Carestream just announced improvements in the acquisition software used with their CS 3600 scanner.

These improvements include “hybrid” scans which allow dentists to merge live scans from the mouth with the scan of an impression into a single file. The new software also for multiple bite registrations. This will be especially useful for dentists making sleep apnea devices.

I predict we will see continued improvement focused on the software. Which is great for dentists. A software upgrade is a lot less expensive than buying a whole new system.

The complete press release from Carestream is below.


Carestream Dental’s Latest Updates to CS 3600 Acquisition Software Smooths the Scanning Process

SAN FRANCISCO—Carestream Dental is previewing its latest update to the CS 3600 intraoral scanner acquisition software: Version 3.1.0* at CDA North. Known for its high-speed, yet accurate, digital impression scanning, the CS 3600 includes several new customer-driven features aimed at improving the user experience while improving efficiency.


Hybrid Scan: The new Hybrid scan feature is a patent-pending evolutionary workflow that merges the scanned-in vivo data with the scanned data from a partial conventional impression into a single file. This significantly improves the quality of the capture of subgingival margin data for a more ideal design and fit of the final prosthetic.


“We often hear from practitioners that detecting margin lines when blood or deep subgingival margins are present is a challenge when capturing a digital intraoral scan,” said Edward Shellard, D.M.D., chief dental officer of Carestream Dental. “To alleviate this problem, and improve the scanning process for CS 3600 scanners, we developed the Hybrid scan.”


Improved Acquisition Speed: Time is of the essence when capturing a scan. With version 3.1.0, the total amount of time it takes to acquire and process a digital impression is up to 22% faster, depending on the acquisition computer used.**


Ability to Add Sound: With version 3.1.0, users now also have the option of selecting an audible notification when the scanner is actively scanning and acquiring data. The scanning sound can be set to a scanner beep or a PC sound via an uploaded WAV file of the doctor’s choice.


“Practitioners can create a relaxing environment with soothing songs or add excitement to their scanning routine with upbeat music—the possibilities are endless,” said Shellard.  


Preparation Check: To make the restorative workflow even more efficient, the acquisition software now features Preparation Check, which allows for superimposition of the pre- and post-preparation scans to perform distance measurements.


Streamlined Sleep Medicine Workflow: Doctors practicing dental sleep medicine will benefit from the Multiple Bite Capture option, which allows for the capture of multiple bite registrations necessary for designing and manufacturing sleep apnea devices. Up to three different bite registrations can be captured and viewed in the software: for example, normal, open and protruded bites. The bite matrix files can be exported and sent with the dataset to the lab or device manufacturer and viewed in the CAD software.


“This unique new patent-pending workflow is included in this update as a response to feedback we received from current CS 3600 scanner customers and who are practicing sleep dentistry and sleep device manufacturers,” said Shellard. “It simplifies the workflow and streamlines the process, allowing the practitioner to capture multiple bites in a single capture. An additional benefit is that the lab receives a single file with all the information needed to create the sleep device.”


To facilitate the fabrication of sleep devices even further, the CS 3600 is certified for use with Panthera Sleep, ProSomnus Sleep Technolgoes and SomnoMed.


Efficient Workflow Selection: The Select Acquisition Type window has been redesigned to better segment the four distinct workflows, including Orthodontics, Implant, Restoration, and Import. Users can see an expanded menu of options specific to each workflow by hovering over their workflow of choice. The Measurement tool is also now available in all three workflows—restorative, orthodontic and implant—allowing practitioners to take measurements from any workflow for any indications.


Updated Preferences: Version 3.1.0’s Preferences options have been redesigned to have the same appearance and functionality as the Preferences in the new Carestream Dental Imaging software version 8. This provides more continuity across Carestream Dental’s imaging software for a more consistent experience.

Software updates—such as this one—are included for customers enrolled in a CS Advantage plan. For customers who are not currently enrolled in a CS Advantage plan, one-time updates are available.