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3D Printing and Plastic Guns

This relates to the concept I wrote about in Dentalcompare, A Car is not Merely a Faster Horse.

We (all of us) need to understand how different the actual world is from the world most of us think we’re living in.  Most people believe that tomorrow is going to be substantially identical to today.  The sun will rise, you’ll have breakfast, go to work, etc.  But, those are the things we try to keep constant in our lives … technological advances don’t work that way.

Technology is evolving at an accelerating rate and we really have no chance of keeping up with it – not legally, not legislatively, not socially, not strategically … not at all.  The best we can do is position ourselves to quickly adapt to change – it is the only guaranteed part of our reality…

…3D printers are not limited to printing in plastic.  There are 3D printers that print in wood (a mixture of wood particles and binding agent that dries as wood) ceramic, carbon fiber, bronze, iron, steel, cellulose, human tissue (certain body parts for human transplant are grown using 3D printed frameworks) … there are limitations to the range of additive manufacturing materials, but the technology is evolving rapidly.

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The article was inspired by the kerfuffle surrounding the printed gun. However it has a lot more and explains 3D printing well. The article makes the point that printed objects will fundamentally change our world. I certainly see it changing dentistry.

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