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3D Printing in Dentistry – $3.1 Billion by 2020

…is expected to grow rapidly through increasing penetration of 3D print technology and new dental applications for 3D printing related to denture frameworks, custom trays, teaching models, implants, and others to reach $3.1 billion in revenues by 2020.

via 3D Printing in Dentistry Will Enable $3.1 Billion in Dental Solutions by 2020 – Yahoo Finance.

This article is for investors looking for future products. I believe the prediction is right, or should be right. What might mess things up is the tendency of dental technology companies to create highly proprietary dental specific devices. If I can use an off the shelf 3D printer to make useful items then I will use it. If I have to buy an expensive “dental” 3D printer that only makes one thing then not so much.

Interestingly many of the items we might like to print like impression strays and temp crowns will not be needed as we transition from traditional goo impressions with plaster models and labs to digital impressions with computer generated crowns.

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