Artificial Intelligence

Can AI solve the GREAT Dentist’s Dilemma?

From WSJ: (To read the full article you need a WSJ subscription)

Companies that provide business support to dentists are starting to use artificial intelligence to analyze X-ray images and automate certain steps in common procedures, pointing to the technology’s cost-cutting potential.

Source: AI Can Lead to Lower Dentist Bills – WSJ

This is still preliminary, but it is nevertheless an actual use of AI to lower costs in dentistry. I believe the article is based on a DSO offering management services to multiple offices, however as I do not have a WSJ subscription I am not certain. However this is clearly the beginning of solving the greatest problem dentists face.

Dentists love to be in charge. They chose dentistry in large part because they wanted to be their own boss, yet at the same time they do not like spending time on management and business tasks.

As a result the profession is overrun with management consultants. This is a good thing as it allows dentists (if they are willing) to out source the management of the practice. The next step will be to bypass the human consultant and simply allow the AI to look over your practice and handle the nagging details dentists do not like to address. Like controlling inventory, managing accounts receivable, analyzing payment plans or even evaluating and rewarding or firing employees.

Personally I am horrible when it comes to dealing with under performing team members. I hate firing people. How nice it would be to simply have the AI make the call and send out a pink slip. 🙂