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Fearless High Tech Dental Predictions for 2014 – Cont’d

DcfutureIn case you missed it: From Dentalcompare Dec 26.

A small-town Georgia dentist, Dr. Leonard McCoy became the first US dentist to employ the oral Quad-corder. It is like a Tri-corder but one better.

Dr. McCoy placed the smartphone connected sensor in the patients mouth for 23.6 seconds. The phone launched the data into the cloud where it was analyzed and a diagnosis developed, which was downloaded back to McCoy’s smartphone in 5.8 seconds. Slow upload speeds in rural Georgia slowed the process.

The Quad-corder detected chemicals in the patient’s breath that determined his basic biochemistry, the presence of seven types of oral bacteria and early stages of a periodontal infection. A quick scan laser created a 3D virtual study model. Ultrasonic vibrations were used to measure periodontal pockets and create a 3D map of his subgingival anatomy. Chemical sensors determined the pH of his saliva and confirmed the presence of cariogenic bacteria. A flash of blue light highlighted soft tissue lesions which were compared to an online database of 27,463 similar lesions in 0.24 seconds. Measuring reflected heat and light the Quad-corder detected changes in the crystalline structure of the enamel indicating decay.

The Quad-corder app is only available for iPhone. An Android version is in development.

Like the tele-robot surgery described above, all the high tech diagnostic elements in the Quad-corder, breath analysis, laser imaging, ultrasonic perio, enhanced soft tissue analysis and detection of changes in the crystalline structure of enamel already exist. They are just not available in a single instrument. Not yet.

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