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How Big Data Will Impact Our World More Than the Internet Has

Big data has amazing potential to improve the human condition via advancements in medical and dental care. But what about privacy?

Asked about privacy concerns, the panel talked about individuals owning their “data exhaust” and their worries about data security and control. But as Smolan said, if 10 years ago someone told you that they would plant a tracking device on you that will know where you are, what you buy, and who your friends are, you would have been very concerned. “Now you’ll wait in line to pay $800 for it.”

via Techonomy: How Big Data Will Impact Our World More Than the Internet Has.

Related to my Dentalcompare article on “Who Owns the Data?” The linked article introduced a term new to me. Data Exhaust. That is the data that is generated as a byproduct of doing business with digital devices especially using the Internet. In my article I called it data ooze.

Vast amounts of data are being produced daily both on purpose and by default as data exhaust. Storing, compiling, analyzing and using this data is what the term “big data” refers to.

As an abstraction the potential of “big data” seems limitless and enthusiastic supporters see nothing but good in a world of bunnies and unicorns. As a reality there may be no practical way to actually use so much data and in an actual world filled with knaves and lawyers, privacy issues are quite real.


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