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Megapixel Augmented-Reality Contact Lenses

Washington-based Innovega has created a unique contact lens technology that allows the eye to focus on images projected very close to the eyes as well as objects in the real world beyond.Simply put, the technology opens the door to augmented reality systems that don’t require some kind of bulky, virtual-reality-headset-from-the-‘90s peripheral visor or helmet.

via DARPA Invests In Megapixel Augmented-Reality Contact Lenses | Popular Science.

Augmented reality combines actual things you see with virtual images that enhance the reality. Like the sample here.

The early adopters of the technology have been military. Now it is seeping into mechanical uses such as fixing an engine. The medical uses are obvious. Imagine looking at a patient and seeing the internal bony structures the extent of decay fluorescing and the patients vital signs all as part of your “normal” visual field. With no goggles just contact lenses. The future is coming and it will be Amazing!!!

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