Moore’s Law Lives: the Future Is Still Alive

by Larry Emmott on May 9, 2011

in Future Tech

An interesting little essay on technology and the future. Definitely worth reading. The conclusion: The Future is Coming and it Will be Amazing!

Moore’s Law today isn’t just microprocessors and memory, but the Internet, cellular telelphony, bioengineering, medicine, education, and play. If, in the years ahead, we reach that Singularity of man and computer that Ray Kurzweill predicts for us, that will be Moore’s Law too. But most of all, the virtuous cycle of constant innovation and advancement, of hot new companies that regularly refresh our economy, and of a world characterized by continuous change — in other words, the world that was created for the first time in history only about sixty years ago, and from which we can hardly imagine another — is the result of Moore’s Law.

via Pajamas Media » Moore’s Law Lives: the Future Is Still Alive.

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