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New Studies: The Future is Coming and…You Know the Rest

Online Classes Just as Good

Hmmm. Another powerful example of how digital information and the Internet are radically changing our world.

These results are heartening. The more such studies proliferate, the more likely universities are to experiment with new programs.This also serves as a reminder that even though the American university system sometimes seems full of obstructionists and slow to move, it’s actually moving much faster than most of its rivals overseas. What’s more, these changes tend to accelerate once they get under way.If this happens with online learning, the United States will end up with a reformed and much more efficient higher-ed system while overseas university systems are still arguing over whether it’s a good idea to try. This is looking like a textbook case of how the United States reinvents itself faster than its competitors in response to technological and social changes.

via New Study: Online Classes Just as Good | Via Meadia.

Online courses free for the taking

Plus this, US colleges are offering hundreds online courses for free. That means anyone anywhere with computer access can benefit from the finest higher education system in the world.

Online courses free for the taking  |

A third related and even more interesting study from the book Abundance. When poor uneducated children who spoke no English, in some of the worst slums of India, were given access to a computer with an Internet connection (no instruction, just access) within days they had learned how to use the hardware, surf the net and were teaching themselves new complex facts and ideas.

Let’s put these three things together. It is possible for people anywhere with no prior instruction to use a computer to access the best education possible at no or very little cost and they will learn the subject just as well as if they had sat in a Harvard lecture hall. If education is really the door to prosperity the future is coming and it will be amazing!!!

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