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Bartolo Villemand prediction

Around 1910 French artist Bartolo Villemard published a series of post cards predicting what life would be like in the year 2000. Many are whimsical but a few are surprisingly accurate.  The image above looks a lot like Skype or some other form of video phone call.

What he got right is interesting but what he got wrong is instructive.

The clothing, the styles, the furniture and the general design of the technology are all wrong. It all looks like it belongs in an upscale Edwardian drawing room. Even the servant (or assistant) running the machine is an anachronism.  No one needs a helper to man the iPad while they chat on Face Time.

The point is that we tend to see the future and new technology encased in our current world. It is relatively easy to predict something like video phones it is much more difficult to envision the world those phones will inhabit.

We certainly see this in dentistry. Most often we use technology simply to compliment what we are already doing and fail to see how it could and even should completely transform our world.

For more of Villemard’s futuristic post cards look here: and thanks to Brad Royer from Dentrix for the idea.

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