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Professionals and Managers: You’re Next

From City Journal:

Here’s the dirty little secret about automation: it’s easier to build a robot to replace a junior attorney than to replace a journeyman electrician.

Source: Professionals and Managers: You’re Next | City Journal

Another article looking at the future of “professional” jobs and automation.

Three amazing technologies are converging that will result in a future dental profession that is completely different that what we now know. Digital Diagnosis, AI, and Telemedicine.

Imagine this: Hans Solo, our future patient, is seated in a scanner by an assistant. The scanner gets a complete digital look at all his physiologic conditions which are evaluated in the cloud by an AI. The AI finds some loss of enamel density between two teeth and develops a treatment plan to remove the diseased tissue with a laser. The patient is seated in a new chair and the laser is positioned. Once the tissue is removed another scan is taken with the prepped tooth creating a 3D model which another cloud AI examines. The AI  designs a restoration. The restoration is then fabricated in the office with a 3D printer. The assistant takes it from the printer and seats it on the prepped tooth.

Hans is in and out of the office in less than an hour, he has a diagnosis and a completed restoration and he never sees an actual dentist. Hmmm.

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