Telehealth Has An Awareness Problem

Two-thirds of adults are willing to consult with a doctor via video, but only 8% have tried it,

Source: Telehealth Has An Awareness Problem

The article reports on recent surveys that indicate people say they want to use remote telemedical services but don’t really do it. This may be because they don’t know it is available. The article also reported this finding;  23% of primary care physicians say they now offer virtual visits, only 6% of consumers report that their doctor does.

There are many opportunities to use tele dental systems most dentists have yet to implement. For example post op checks, or invisalign checks. I am sure most of your patients would rather snap a quick phone photo and text it to you to check on the healing of a simple extraction or an oral lesion than they would like to make an appointment, take time off work, drive to the office and wait to be seen.