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The Best Biomedicine Stories of 2015

From: MIT Technology Review:

We can do these things, but should we? Social and ethical questions began dogging the CRISPR breakthrough early in the year, when MIT Technology Review toured readers through one emerging debate: the possibility of genetically modifying human embryos in IVF clinics to spare children from inherited disease.

Source: The Best Biomedicine Stories of 2015 | MIT Technology Review

Related, this from Reason:

Standing athwart science, yelling “whoa,”* often appears to be the favorite default activity of many folks who get involved with bioethics.

Source: Bioethics: Standing Athwart Science, Yelling ‘Whoa’* – Hit & Run :

Just because we can does not mean we should. On the other hand if it reduces misery and improves the human condition maybe we should.

If something feels creepy, like genetically altering a sperm to eliminate the occurrence of a horrible debilitating defect, should we avoid it because it just seems weird. What about improving a child’s IQ? What about improving a child’s attractiveness?

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