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The Coming Digital Healthcare Revolution

The linked article highlights companies that are developing the technology I have been writing about for years that could change healthcare completely.

Someday soon, computers, robots, and microchips will take over much of the medicine business from human beings. Picture a vast database, for example, with access to your personal and family medical history, the results of medical studies from all over the globe, medicines being tested in current studies, calculations on success rates of various pills and treatments—and then imagine a device in your home capable of running your personal information through that database to figure out why you’ve been feeling weird for the past couple days.

via American Startups Leading a Healthcare Revolution | Via Meadia.

The article has a political point of view as well. The author points out how entrenched interests and flawed legislation can stop or delay these changes. After all if you are a CT technician, a surgeon or an insurance executive you don’t want your livelihood to evaporate.

For more detail and a fascinating look at the future of medicine I recommend Eric Topol’s “The Creative Destruction of Medicine.”

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