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The Future is Coming…

We live in such abundant times yet we take it for granted, complain about imperfections and predict that the apocalypse is coming just around the corner. The linked essay by Steven Landsburg gives some well needed perspective; read it.

…in the late eighteenth century-just a couple of hundred years ago, maybe ten generations—something happened. People started getting richer. And richer and richer still. Per capita income, at least in the West, began to grow at the unprecedented rate of about three-quarters of a percent per year. A couple of decades later, the same thing was happening around the world. After thousands of years of stagnation, life started improving from one year to the next, and before long people started taking improvements for granted. Today we expect our cars, our computers, our medicines, and our entertainment systems to keep dazzling us with something new. But that’s not how it was before the Industrial Revolution. That three-quarters of a percent annual growth rate, once it got under way, must have seemed miraculous.

But then it got better…

The Greatest Story Nobody Knows About

Technology plays a major role in this story of abundance and will continue to do so. However there is something else happening as well. Education, government, personal liberty, entrepreneurship, what we might call culture is at the core of this great story.

It is certainly true; The future is coming and it will be amazing!

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