We’ve never had it so good … nor felt so fearful

by Larry Emmott on May 26, 2016

in Future Tech

Now is the best time in history to be alive. Angry voices will loudly deny this but that doesn’t make it any less true. Despite the many miseries that plague our world, humanity as a whole has never climbed so high, so fast. If you could choose to be reborn at any moment in history, you should choose right now.

Source: We’ve never had it so good … nor felt so fearful | Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna | Opinion | The Guardian


The linked article makes the case that we are living in the best of times quoting life expectancy, poverty levels, education and other measures of well-being, all of which are better, in fact much better, than they have ever been; even in than the recent past.

Never the less it seems we are pre-disposed as humans to complain. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary large numbers of people are convinced times are horrible, that there was some golden age in the recent past that was so much better and we are doomed as a species because of some terrible evil lurking in our new technology.

The article points out that despite general improvement in the human condition specific individuals still experience hard times. Perhaps that is why we are convinced that everything is falling apart. Maybe, I just believe many people simply enjoy complaining and other people pay them too much attention.

This general tendency is why some dentists insist paper records are better than digital records and that PVS is superior to CAD CAM and gold is better than e-max.


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