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“First Things First”

Where do you begin to develop the ideal high tech dental office? It seems obvious that you start with the first things first.

Starting with first things first is so important Stephen Covey identified it in his famous book as one of the The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People In fact Covey thought it was so important he wrote another whole book entitled First Things First

Covey also wrote that you should ” begin with the end in mind”. In other words know where you are going before you start. That means that dentists should first develop a vision. The vision ought to include the type of office they want, what kind of dentistry they want to do, how they will relate to patients and how they will manage the office. Then the dentist can envision the kinds of technology they want to support the ideal, dream office.

Your ideal dream high tech office of the future starts not with technology but with a vision. Once you know where you are going there are five steps to help get you there.

  • Establish a technology Infrastructure.
  • Add the “Big Two” digital images and digital radiography
  • There are many non dental business programs which are very useful in dentistry
    • Checkbook, e-mail, PowerPoint
  • Add advanced dental applications.
    • cloud based e-services, digital impressions, CAD CAM, diagnostics, 3D etc.
  • Keep a future focus.

Often dentists with no plan or vision become prey. They don’t know what is possible, they don’t know what they are trying to accomplish so they buy random technology that may or may not benefit the office. They are prey to the best salesman.

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