10 Cybersecurity Measures Your Small Business Must Take

by Larry Emmott on November 14, 2012

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Amex Open Forum:

Cyberattacks are on the rise and hackers are targeting more than just big business.

Small businesses are at risk, too, and companies of all sizes are woefully ill-prepared to fight off online threats.

via 10 Cybersecurity Measures Your Small Business Must Take – Open Forum.

Most of the hacks were seeking personal information, names address and social security numbers. Below are the ten “essential” steps the author recommends in the attached article. Click the link for details. The only one I question for dentists is number 9. We in fact need to have online access to patient data for all kinds of good reasons. For example e-claims and web site interactivity.

1. Install a firewall.

2. Set up an Access Control List. 

3. Change the default passwords for the company’s point of sale system.

4. Establish security roles and responsibilities.

5. Establish policies for Internet and social media usage.

6. Use a Web-filtering system.

7. Use Internet security programs on each computer.

8. Be wary of peer-to-peer sites.

9. Keep the most critical data offline.

10. Get cybercrime insurance.

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