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100 Essential Tips for Microsoft Office 2010

My personal journey from skeptic to techno missionary began with word processing. I started using an early word processing application about twenty years ago while writing a newsletter for dentists. It changed my life. I was forced to try new ways of doing things. I learned my way around a keyboard and mouse. I became comfortable with files, copy-paste and most of all the wonder and magic of the digital way of doing things.

From that experience I realized that computers weren’t just for doing the books. That technology would change our dental practices in marvelous ways..

I still write constantly, I use Word; however now rather than writing for a paper newsletter I have to mail, I write for my blog online. As a speaker I use PowerPoint. As a business owner I use Excel and Outlook for contacts and e-mail.

What’s the point? As dentists we tend to concentrate on our special PMS applications like Practice Works and Dentrix. However I believe that every dentist should know and use Microsoft Office or some equivalent. Learning your way around Office will make you a better tech pilot. Being able to write a letter or create a quick slide show frees you from dependence on staff. And using Office well will provide value and increase efficiency.

The linked article below will give you tips for both beginners and advanced power users on all aspects of using Office. Administrative staff will surely benefit from these. But don’t stop there the dentist needs to know these things as well.

Most of us use Office, and most of us could make better use of it, too. Check out our tips, sorted by app to learn basic tricks and advanced tips for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access

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