General Internet Management


Another product I looked at again in San Antonio is Sesame. Sesame started as a tool for orthodontists to communicate with patients but has become so much more.

I believe the next “BIG THING” in technology in dentistry is the Internet. Not that the Internet is new but how we use it will change dramatically in the next five years. We will be using the Internet in very creative ways we haven’t even thought of yet.

Sesame is leading that change by providing web based communication and management services that allow us to do more than we ever could before. They do this by pulling information from your on site computers and making it available to patients online …(WAIT don’t get your bunnies in a bunch, of course it is secure, encrypted and safe behind a password protected barrier. ) This can include appointment times, payments, making payments online, viewing photos, x-rays or invisalign clinchecks.

This is an amazing service. As a dentist there is one major catch. You have to be creating digital data. If you aren’t making digital treatment plans, making appointments with the computer or taking digital x-rays then you have nothing to upload and nothing to share with patients or other doctors.

Digital Records, not just for geeks anymore.