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13 Web sites that Will Make You Smarter

I know, you are already really really smart, after all you are a dentist. But just in case…

You can waste hours of valuable time surfing and socializing on the Web, or use that time to make yourself a smarter business owner.

via 13 Web sites that Will Make You Smarter.

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Good morning Larry, I love your article on the 13 websites that will make you smarter. I immediately looked for mine but you didn’t put it up. I went into the section on open forum and it blew me away. You ask why. There was some of the best articles relative to the business world and also articles that’s could improve your lifestyle. Any chance to Skype next week let me know some good times. I would love to know how the denture X meeting went and a few other subjects to talk about. Have a great weekend, Hugh

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