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7 best cities for dental tourism in 2020

Interesting. Do people traveling to Budapest or maybe Istanbul or wherever believe they are getting better, higher quality treatment than they could get back home?

Patients Beyond Borders partnered with Medical Departures to determine the best cities for medical tourism in 2020. The list is based on cities’ healthcare rankings, available transportation, savings and other metrics. Here are seven of the best cities for dental tourism:

• Bangkok

• Budapest, Hungary

• Cancun, Mexico

• Escazú, Costa Rica

• Bali, Indonesia

• Istanbul

• Barcelona, Spain

Source: 7 best cities for dental tourism in 2020

I believe they are traveling based solely on cost. They believe that the quality of care is comparable, they see dentistry as a commodity and therefore they shop price. However as any dentist who has seen patients from various parts of the world knows  the quality of care varies tremendously from one country to another. I remember one patient I saw years ago who was extremely proud of the veneer job he got in Mexico. I thought it had all the aesthetic appeal of white cardboard, proving once again that patients are often a poor judge of quality. I imagine what he was really proud of was the low price.

One way to set yourself apart from the crowd and avoid becoming a commodity is to use technology.

A patient may not be able to judge the marginal integrity of a restoration however they can easily appreciate online forms, single visit CAD CAM restorations and online bill pay.