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A Real “Panic” Button

This is not digital but it is a cool new dental product. It is nothing more than a button anxious dental patients can use to stop the drill if they are fearful or in pain. Trials have shown patients do not push the button very often, in fact they stop the procedure less with the button that with the old fashioned “raise your hand” technique. The result is happier patients, lower stress and increased productivity. HT Kirk Greenway.

That was easy…ooops wrong button.

Patient apprehension and hence pain perception is related to locus of control. In dentistry, the locus of control is with the doctor. While the patient is assured that when they raise their hand the dentist will stop, they still do not have the locus of control, even though they trust their dentist. Without the locus of control, many patients have anxiety that directly relates to their perception of pain. The more anxiety, the more it hurts.

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