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“All of Us” Offers Online Tool for Participant Health Data Analytics

The NIH “All of Us” research program has launched a beta version of an online data dashboard that will allow researchers to access approved health data from consenting participants.The Data Browser tool includes patient-reported health data, EHR data, and other biometrics that will support population health research across a variety of domains.

Source: “All of Us” Offers Online Tool for Participant Health Data Analytics

I have a great deal of hope that electronic records combined with digital diagnostics, big data and artificial intelligence will revolutionize medical/dental care. See the previous post on Facebook for a good example of how this idea can work. However the keyword is hope. The potential to improve the human condition is amazing however a this time there are several factors holding things up. This includes, most significantly, security and privacy concerns. The tool described above is intended to allow people to opt in to participate in research. Do you trust them? Did Facebook get specific permission to use people’s postings to develop disease maps? Do you trust Facebook to use your private data in a responsible manner? Do you trust the government to keep your private information secret? Are you concerned that malicious actors could hack the data?