America’s First SEAL was a Dentist

Lieutenant Jack Taylor a dentist from Los Angeles  is considered to be America’s first SEAL. You can read his incredible story here:

America’s First SEa, Air, Land Commando Lieutenant Jack Taylor, USNR

I was browsing some interesting WWII stories today, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor day (Dec 7) when I came across a name I had not heard of before, Jack Taylor.  His story is amazing.

He was a dentist who joined the Navy after Pearl Harbor. However he did not join as a dentist he signed on as a combat officer. He was a pilot, a small craft expert and one of the first people to use Scuba before Scuba was invented.

He participated in numerous commando raids behind enemy lines.  He was eventually captured and barely escaped death in a concentration camp.

After the war he returned to dentistry but was tragically killed in a car accident before his top secret exploits could be revealed. Read the whole story.

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