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Are We at the End of Email?

bad-emailThe idea of a workplace without email may seem unimaginable. But email as a means of business communication has become a cumbersome thing. It’s an ineffective way to manage projects and communication. The crush of irrelevant messages creates unnecessary workplace stress…

And yet, a 2013 study showed that fewer than 21 percent of companies use an email encryption solution. Why companies continue to neglect email security is a mystery, but the ramifications of unsecured email systems are grim indeed.

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When asked the vast majority of dental patients (66%) prefer to be contacted via e-mail as opposed to phones or snail mail. So it is pre-mature to declare the end of e-mail.

On the other hand there are two big issues that are hurting the business use of e-mail; spam and security.

Basic e-mail is not secure. Malicious actors could intercept e-mail and read the contents. Free e-mail services like g-mail actually scan the content of your messages for marketing information. Sending patient health information via unencrypted e-mail puts it at risk and is almost certainly a HIPAA violation.

Spam is another story. One of the best features of e-mail is that is essentially free. On the other hand the fact it is free (or almost free) means that it costs the Nigerian Finance Minister next to nothing to e-mail a few million people. Spam filters are getting better all the time. Still most of us spend time every day clearing our inbox of unwanted junk.

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