Basic Nerdish

CPU: This is the Central Processing Unit. It is the part of the computer where all the commands are interpreted and executed. It is also used to refer to the box part of the computer. The monitor, keyboard printer etc. plug into the box or CPU

GUI: Pronounced Gooey. It stands for Graphical User Interface. It is a method of interacting with the computer using graphics or pictures instead of typed keyboard commands. It was first introduced for popular use by Macintosh in 1987 and then, according to some, shamelessly copied by Microsoft with Windows. The World Wide Web is also graphically based. GUIs are easy to use intuitive and user friendly.

Digitize: This means turning information, which can include pictures, numbers, words, sounds, radiographs, video and even solid objects into number codes or digits which can be read by a computer. Digitized information can be transmitted, manipulated and stored electronically.

Storage vs. Memory: The two kinds of memory or storage confuse some people. A useful analogy is to think in terms of books. The hard drive storage is the total data you have available. It is like all the books you have on the shelves. The more shelves you have the more hard drive storage you have. The RAM memory is the book you have taken off the shelf and are currently reading. RAM is like your desk, the bigger the desk the more books you can keep open on it.