General Hardware Management

Basic Troubleshooting

Most high quality hardware is extremely reliable and will give years of service. When a computer or a computer component stops working the first things to check are low tech. Check to see that the connections are secure. Is the mouse plugged in? Is the power cord tight? Is it plugged into the wall? Is the power Strip or UPS turned on? Is the network connection tight? Is the network switch plugged in and working? And most commonly are the batteries good?

If all the basic low tech items check out next try and replace the non working component to see if that’s the problem. Try another mouse, change the keyboard or replace the monitor.

At this point it is time to call the technician. If a mission critical piece of dental equipment fails, such as your compressor or central vac most dentists have a local repair technician they can rely on to get them back in business very quickly with a repair or loaner equipment. You need to develop the same type of relationship with a local computer technician. If a mission critical computer component fails your local computer tech should have you up and running the same day. If the vendor doesn’t provide this kind of service and reliability, fire them.