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Bergman and the Geeks Agree

Stan Bergman the chairman of Henry Schein the biggest dental supply company in North America and the biggest bunch of dental tech geeks in North America agree.

I attended a special breakfast meeting Mr. Bergman arranged for media and opinion leaders in which he discussed the future of digital dentistry. Then I spent some productive time with the Pride Institute Technology awards panel discussing a wide range of new technology designed to support the dental profession. The overriding theme that both groups discussed with passion was the need for open systems, interoperability and industry standards for technology in dentistry.

That would mean I could use my Schick 33 sensor with my new Dexis imaging suite software and I could capture a digital impression with a Cerec Omnican and have the restoration designed and milled in an E4D chamber. I could even create a digital patient record in Dentrix and transfer it whole and complete to a colleague in another state who uses Eaglesoft.

None of that is possible today. However all of it would be good for dentists and our patients. It would make investing in new and expensive technology less of a risk for dentists.

Interoperability and open systems will not happen until the profession recognizes the need and demands it from the vendors. Having Henry Schein on board with this is huge.

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