Best Products, Services, and Technologies of the Decade

This link isn’t a year end review but a decade in review. The number one best product of the last ten years…Google.  I agree it has totaly changed how I use the Internet and almost everything else about my use of information. The article starts with a very interesting look at life in 1999. here are a couple of snippets.

Back then, when we needed information, we didn’t turn to the Web because its content was inchoate and not yet sufficiently organized…most Americans used 54Kbps dial-up modems for access… we quaintly read printed newspapers and magazines…As for entertainment, we listened to CDs on saucer-size portable disc players…. Our cell phones were devoted to phone calls….we considered our computers primarily tools for work … PCs had not yet become the hubs of our personal lives.

Best of the Decade – Best Products, Services, and Technologies of the Decade 1-5 – Reviews by PC Magazine.

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