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Best UV Phone Sanitizers 2020

UV Phone sanitizers are suddenly hot. I suggest you get a few and provide phone sanitizing as a free extra to all your patients. The patients will appreciate this, especially during the pandemic and it gets the phone out of their hands during the appointment. I suggest you have the sanitizer in the treatment room where the patient can see it. That will add to the the interest and more importantly reduce the anxiety we all seem to feel when our phones are out of out control.

Below is a buyers guide.

From iMore:

Of all the UV sanitizing devices we’ve seen, this specialized gadget from PhoneSoap is the most convenient. It zaps away bacteria and virus germs, charges your device, and functions wirelessly! Any object you put inside this magic box will come out squeaky clean—keys, headphones, your favorite fidget spinner—you name it. The best part is that any device that supports Qi wireless charging will be charged simultaneously while it is cleaned. The sanitizing process takes about 10 minutes.

Source: Best UV Phone Sanitizers 2020 | iMore