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More wisdom from Seth Godin:

It would be difficult to water your lawn without a nozzle. The bottleneck creates pressure that allows you to reach further.

But in an organization, a bottleneck can be a real problem.

Source: Bottlenecks | Seth’s Blog

I think the dental high tech connection is obvious. Nothing happens in a dental office without the approval of the dentist, including the purchase, installation and implementation of technology.

The dentist becomes the bottleneck when he/she procrastinates on what new technology to get for the office. Dentists are great analyzers and sometimes we research and analyse so much we never make a decision.

Dentist can be a second bottleneck when they get stuck on the way we have always done it. Rather than embrace new technology and change office procedures to maximize the use of technology dentists tend to stay in the safe space of that’s what we have always done and avoid the scarier space of change.