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by Larry Emmott on October 24, 2009

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untitledI have just re-visited the iTero digital impression system. I will be learning even more at an in office session next week and I will follow up then. In the mean time look for an article I have in the upcoming Dental Economics Magazine (Oct) on digital impressions. Just the fact that it is digital is a BIG plus. As I try and explain in the article having an instantaneous digital image allows users to “know” if the impression is adequate before it is sent to the lab. One expected result would be less re-makes and in fact  iTero can document a very significant decrease in lab re-makes with digital impressions. The re-make rate falls from 5% to less than 0.5%. That is ten times less. In fact the savings is so significant some labs offer reduced fees to dentists using iTero over conventional impressions.

the Cadent iTero™ digital impression system

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